Every successful project begins with careful planning and great design. First, my Landscape Architect, Scott Hamilton and I meet on-site with you and your family to discuss your needs and wants. Scott then provides you with a bid to develop a set of plans. Those plans will be drawn to scale and will have sufficient detail to satisfy any HOA requirements and can be used to obtain a construction bid. The plans are your property. Plan fees range from $1,500 to $3,000 depending on the scale and complexity of features to be included in the design. This process consists of 2-3 meetings and typically takes 2-4 weeks to complete. A detailed bid can be turned around in as little as 1-3 days. Once the bid is accepted, a contract is generated and presented to the client. After the contract is signed, then construction begins.


Landscape construction typically falls into four logical phases.

  • PHASE 1

Demolition of existing hardscape, plant material and trees. All debris are hauled away or recycled. Setting levels and grading occurs next. Any excess dirt is removed or brought in as fill. Phase 1 work items also include trenching for any underground utilities (gas, electrical, drainage, and plumbing for irrigation and hose bibs), and when necessary obtaining city permits and inspections. Any large trees requiring a crane are planted and any boulders are moved into place.


This phase focuses on vertical structures such as walls, water features, outdoor kitchens, and fire features. Footings are dug, reinforced with rebar, and concrete is poured. Walls and features that require CMU block are raised, grouted, and brown coated. Detail work such as poured-in-place concrete counter tops is performed. Polished concrete is completed during this phase.


All flooring related work is completed during this phase including decorative concrete, pavers, flagstone, and travertine. If a swimming pool is being installed, then the decking must be completed prior to the pool plaster being applied.


During this phase we prepare to plant by conditioning and amending the soil and by presenting nursery fresh plant selections. Once the layout is approved we can begin to plant and position LED landscape lighting. At this point all features are tested and adjusted for optimal performance. These include, the grill top, any gas heaters, all electrical outlets, app-controlled relays for water features, and app programs for the LED lighting system. Final irrigation tubing is set-in-place and tested. Premium bark mulch is applied to dress the planter areas and retain moisture in the soil. We apply any sealer products at the end of the project (optional service).


Every landscape project requires some level of routine maintenance. Typically that maintenance occurs weekly or biweekly. It is important to check plant material for diseases and pest infestations, test the irrigation system for failures or leaks, adjust and clean LED light fixtures, and perform general plant maintenance (pruning and dead-heading). WestPro Landscape does offer maintenance on newly completed projects.